Paper Star Lanterns0

Whatever the theme of your wedding or party, there is an affordable wedding lantern for your special event need.  Round paper lanterns are an easy and inexpensive way to add some pizzazz to your party.  These cool lights come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and colors.  Usually made from paper or from nylon, Chinese or Japanese lanterns are now available in an amazing array of colors like sage, periwinkle, and brick.

Paper Star Lanterns

You can find them in cubes, “cocoon” shapes, egg shapes, balloon shapes and more.  Sizes range anywhere from about 4″ at the smallest to 36″ or even more.  What’s more, the materials used are not just your simple, run of the mill rice paper any longer.  Now these lanterns are made more durable using nylon fabric that will withstand moisture and being unpacked and repacked. Finishes include handmade papers, papers with smalle “eyelet” holes that let the light shine through more effectively, and of course, the original rice paper we commonly associate with these types of lanterns.  Ribbing can be made of bamboo or wire, and can be regularly spaced or for a more free-form look, irregularly spaces.

If you want something that really outshines the competition from the last wedding you went to, try using paper star lanterns.  These three dimensional star shaped lanterns come in solid colors and in multi-color versions.  Regardless of your color or theme, there is a paper star lantern that will work for your event.


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